DUTE Admissions 2017/2018


Key dates for the 2017/2018 admissions.

2nd May – 15th June 2017: application forms available online for downloading
23rd June 2017: deadline for the reception of the forms (date of postmark)
28th June 2017: meeting of the selection panel
2nd July 2017: final admissions

Applications will be presented online on the Université de Bordeaux website, via Apoflux: click here

The call is open to anyone aged 18+.
The selection will be operated based on the professional and personal objectives of the candidates, as well as on their skill development needs.
Marco Simonit’s Pruning Manual, in its French translation, will be adopted as a textbook.
Attendance is compulsory for all courses.


The first courses will begin in October/November 2016, with both in-class and on-field activities. Lectures, that amount to 30% of the overall activities, will be delivered by teachers at the ISVV, and will concern the anatomy and the physiology of the vine, as well as plant pathology. Practical activities (70%) will be conducted by the tutors of Simonit&Sirch-Maîtres Tailleurs de Vigne. These will include the principles of the Simonit&Sirch method for pruning while respecting the sap flow, the different kinds of training systems, and the general management of pruning sites. It will also cover aspects of the practical implementation, with a focus on the methodology developed by Simonit&Sirch, the handling of the materials, and the evaluation of the quality of the work performed.

The Diploma is a 120 hour course, distributed in 4 weeks: the last week of October and the first week of November will be spent in the lecture halls and in the vineyards of ISVV in Bordeaux, in order to explain the method; one week of pruning practice in February in the vineyards of the companies where Simonit&Sirch applies their method (Medoc, Sauternes, Saint-Émilion, Grave); the last week week in April with the same companies, for the selection of the buds.


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