Champagne, Francia

“We have to create the conditions for the vineyards to keep longer and give our wines their special characteristics. We believe that the age of the vines can make a difference”.

This is how the collaboration with Bellavista began. These are the words of Mattia Vezzola and Vittorio Moretti that prompted us in 2006 to focus on ensuring that our vineyards age well. At the time, Bellavista, like many other Italian and international companies, had a problem with the longevity and health of the vines. It was a huge task, which involved the entire staff of Bellavista.

“In 2006, we were losing about 5% of our plants every year due to diseases caused mainly by pruning techniques. Today, after years of hard work and great results, we only lose 0.8% of our vineyards”.

The work with Bellavista has also yielded brilliant results with vine surgery, in the treatment of vineyards affected by Esca disease. Now Bellavista has plants that are over 40 years old and healthy.

Team: Denis Cociancig, Giorgio Schiopetto, Marco Florian, Carlo Schiopetto