School of Franciacorta – English only


Date: 20-21-22 December 2017 Winter Session
Headquarter: Azienda Bellavista – Via Bellavista, 5 – 25030 Erbusco (BS)

The first italian School available in english only will start in December 2017, with both in-class and on-field activities. The basic course of the Italian School of Vine Pruning consists of four-day training activities, conducted by the tutors of Simonit&Sirch and divided in two sessions: a winter session lasting three days, and a spring session, which lasts only one day.


Applications will be presented online: click here


Please “gear up” for working in all weather conditions. Be prepared with proper clothing for the season: rainproof jackets, trekking boots, rubber boots, or safety shoes (whichever you prefer), spare shoes, and work gloves (preferably not too large).





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