Signori del vino, on Rai 2 with Marco Simonit


Starting january 2nd, on saturdays at 6.05pm on Rai 2

Inside every bottle of wine there is more than the mere result of the chemistry beneath the maturation of the grape. In those bottles, there are the stories of the women and the men that have realised the wine, and these are stories about courage, commitment to the territory, and hard work, from the yard to the cellar. “Signori del Vino” (Wine Masters) will bring on television passion, toil, culture and tradition that have built Italy’s best producers, men and women that are keeping this sector a recognised excellence in the world.

Marcello Masi and Rocco Tolfa are experienced journalists with a decade-long interest for the world of wine making. They will join their forces and their enthusiasm to tell the extraordinary resources of our Country. Starting January 2nd 2016, every week – on Saturdays 6.05 pm – the two hosts will lead you to discover hidden gems in the Italian countryside and its wineries. Journeying through historical wineries and unique territories of Italian wine producing areas, you will learn about their men and women, and how the new generations are working to keep the tradition alive.

In each episode, Masi and Tolfa will meet a Wine Master, to hear the story that lead him and his area to success. They will also pay visit to a Wine Lady, to discover how women are building a growing reputation in winemaking, collecting the experience of young  producers, social cooperatives, and protection consortia.

This programmes sees the contribution from Marco Simonit, leader of the PruninGuys. With him, you will see what it is like to work in the yard with boots and axe, with the opportunity of taking a close look to the roots of the plants, and of learning the different oenology techniques. With Signori del Vino, you will learn from the best about the fascinating world of winemaking in Italy.

“Signori del Vino” is a programme by Marcello Masi and Rocco Tolfa, with the collaboration of Roberto Rabachino and Elena Russo, as well as of Luca Nannini as the director, and of Paolo Lauciani, Davide Ottolini and Renato Viola as consultants. The programme is broadcasted by Rai 2, in collaboration with Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali.

Source RAI 2


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