Vigna Day 2016. Branched pruning of the spurred cordon


Fieragricola Workshop 2016 – Verona february 3rd-6th

This event is an opportunity to learn more on branched pruning of vines. Our technique allows to improve the sap flow from the roots all the way to the leaves by performing moderate-size cuts on young wood; this is key to enhance the quality of the grapes, hence the profitability of the winery.

The workshop will insist on branched pruning of the spurred cordon, and will consist of two parts: one devoted to theory, in which the Simonit&Sirch PruninGuys will discuss the principles of their technique, and one devoted to practice, in which  our team will show live how to carry out the cuts in the demonstration vine installed inside the Pavilion.

Speakers: Marco Simonit, Riccardo Turata, Giacomo Manzoni


Pavilion 4 – Internal Hall.
> For information and signing-up please refer to the Informatore Agrario website

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