Simonit&Sirch speaker at Vintage Report 2015


Grapevine pruning respecting the sap flow. A pruning method to preserve the longevity of the vines perennant structure and reduce the damage caused by trunk diseases. With these interventions Alessandro Zanutta, Simonit&Sirch Pruninguys, participated in the two dates of Vintage Report in the United States: Napa Valley 2015 and Paso Robles 2015.


The Vintage Report offers a one-of-a-kind platform to foster sustainability and innovation in viticulture and enology. This unique event is based on local data in order to thoughtfully respect what makes the “local terroir” so specific and so unique. By gathering winemakers and scientists in the same room, Vintage Report creates a spark to bring new ideas to the forefront and improve the industry as a whole.


Vintage Report Napa Valley 2015

For the 6th year in the beautiful Napa Valley, the Vintage Report Conference returned to bring the most innovative and scientific minds together to discuss the most recent vintage. With local plant data at the focal point of discussion, the Vintage Report Conference aimed at dissecting and explaining the past vintage by looking at the impact on plant and fruit. Presentations on climatic and physiological data throughout the day facilitated discussion among this incredible community of vineyard managers, winemakers, and scientists. Through this conference we created a unique experience for all by showcasing the incredible innovation and scientific discovery in the fields of viticulture and enology.


Vintage Report Paso Robles 2015

Returning for the second year to the Central Coast, the Vintage Report hosted winemakers, vineyard managers and top scientists from the greater Paso Robles region who are leading the way in leveraging scientific ideas and innovation. How can the highest quality grapes be grown while preserving precious resources in a region affected by intense heat waves and water scarcity? What physiological links exist between climate, plant and fruit? These are the types of information filled discussions the Vintage Report is renowned for.


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