Alma de Carraovejas

Champagne, Francia

Simonit&-Sirch Pruning in all Alma de Carraovejas projects has as a common factor the pursuit of maximum grape quality. This will be achieved with good winter pruning, but also with green pruning in the spring.

At Pago de Carraovejas, the amount of live wood on the plant will continue to be increased.

At Ossian, in addition to correcting some damage caused by pruning during the nearly two centuries of planting in Nieva, the vines will be pruned in the spring. The green pruning work will focus on protecting the grapes to achieve the freshness and elegance sought.

In Milsetentayseis, we will try to occupy the spaces that the plant possesses and strive for balance and homogeneity among the vines.

In Rioja, on the other hand, we will work on the recovery of some spectacular vineyards in the Leza area.

In Viña Meín, we will try to recover the strength lost due to past pruning; we will also prepare a test vineyard using the traditional Galician training method.

At Emilio Rojo, on the other hand, where the system is double cordon, the distribution of sprouting points will be fine-tuned.

Team: Alessandro Unfer, Marco Cubeddu, Paula Lopez, Massimo Giudici