Champagne, Francia

The critical issue is due to the region’s harsh climate and cold wind, which amplifies the effect of desiccation cones on the plant due to heavy cuts pruning, drastically reducing the possibility of building healthy wood. This means undermining not only the longevity of the plant, but also the homogeneity of the vineyard, resulting in sprouting at displaced times, different ripening, …

We have studied pruning techniques that evolve the traditional ones of Champagne, the Chablis system for Chardonnay and the Cordon Spur for Pinot Noir, with the aim of extending the life of the vineyards.

In fact, having plants that are as long-lived as possible is a priority need for the great Maisons, since it ensures the continuity of quality and recognizability of their wines.

Since 2013, we have been working in three areas: Marne Valley, Montagne de Reims and Côte de Blanc.

Team: Massimo Giudici, Michaël Rességuier, Caterina Profili